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Boards and Commissions

Role of Maryland’s Boards and Commissions

The approximately 630 boards/commissions that require appointments by the Governor:

  • oversee virtually every profession in Maryland–from doctors to plumbers 
  • help shape policy in critical issue areas–education reform, climate change, etc. 
  • span 6,000+ of members, the vast majority of them volunteers
  • have unique statutory requirements that govern membership and service 
  • operate largely under the public radar

1/3 of these boards have seats that require Senate confirmation. (Learn more about the Senate confirmation process here) These appointments happen mostly during the legislative session: January-April. Appointments to the remaining 2/3 of boards happen mostly during the legislative recess: May-December

Board and Commission Service

Board and commission service is vital to the operations of our state government, and the Moore-Miller Administration is extremely grateful for the TK board and commission members, the vast majority of who do this work as volunteers, and the work they do to support Marylanders in all facets of work and life.

Board service comes with some requirements–some universal, and some specific to the board. 

  • All applicants must complete and submit an application here
  • Each board has unique statutory requirements, some of them very complex, so eligibility for board service varies from board to board. See board statutes here.
  • Applicants being considered for appointment to a board:
  • Once appointed, some appointees will be required to take an oath and be sworn in by the clerk of their local courthouse
  • Information re: board meeting frequency and location is provided by board Executive Directors once individuals are appointed