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The Opportunity to Serve for Every Marylander

The Appointments Office is committed to recruiting the best and most representative talent to serve on Maryland’s 600 boards and commissions. A few things to know:

  • Each board has unique statutory requirements and seat availability
  • Our team is working diligently to make appointments on a rolling basis
  • While you may serve on just one board, you may apply to–and be considered for–as many as 10 different boards each year
  • 20 new boards were created as a result of the 2023 legislative session


For the unique statutory language for all 600+ boards, please see this list 

For more information on the appointments process, please see this FAQ page

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Interested in applying for an appointment?

Submit an online application here. *By submitting an application, you agree to submit to a preliminary background check.

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Lists of Competitive Positions

See a list of departments, agencies, commissions, committees, task forces, and advisory boards here.