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Welcome to the Moore-Miller Appointments Office!

The Appointments Office is committed to recruiting the best and most representative talent to serve on Maryland’s 600 boards and commissions–while also making sure every Marylander can access the opportunity to serve. 

A few things to know:

  • Each board has unique statutory requirements and seat availability
  • We are making appointments on a rolling basis
    • The boards listed under the header “Reviewing applications for appointment now through summer/fall 2023” are the boards we’re prioritizing for appointment NOW
    • We are NOT currently focused on boards listed under the header “Will review applications for appointment during winter 2023-24”
  • While you may serve on just one board, you may apply to–and be considered for–as many as 10 different boards each year
  • Stay tuned right here for information on new boards created as a result of 2023 legislative session–we’ll share appointment and application details as soon as we have them

For the unique statutory language for all 600+ boards, please see this list 

For more information on the appointments process, please see this FAQ page


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Interested in applying for an appointment?

Submit an online application here. *By submitting an application, you agree to submit to a preliminary background check.

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Lists of Competitive Positions

See a list of departments, agencies, commissions, committees, task forces, and advisory boards here.