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Welcome to the Appointments Office!

Maryland’s boards and commissions are a critical extension of state government: They regulate industries, issue professional licenses, oversee our public institutions, administer state funds and help shape key policies that impact all Marylanders. 

On behalf of the Governor, the Appointments Office appoints the individuals who lead and serve on these 600+ largely volunteer bodies.

With every appointment we are driven by Gov. Wes Moore’s commitment to excellence and equity and strive to:

  • expand access to board service 
  • attract the best talent possible to serve 
  • make our boards representative of the state and diverse communities they serve 

Please join us to make Maryland the state that serves, and that leaves no one behind.

APPLY NOW or make a recommendation to a board today.

Submitting Attendance

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Interested in applying for an appointment?

Submit an online application here. *By submitting an application, you agree to submit to a preliminary background check.

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Lists of Competitive Positions

See a list of departments, agencies, commissions, committees, task forces, and advisory boards here.